Cisco Advanced Services Training

Cisco Learning Specialized PartnerCisco Advanced Services training courses focus on the deployment and integration of Cisco advanced technologies. Classroom sessions include intensive, hands-on lab work on network connectivity, device configuration, and troubleshooting.


Cisco Advanced Services: Collaboration    

Mobile Internet Technology Training

Over the past few years technology has empowered the consumer and provided new powers to sales reps, drastically changing the way business is conducted. For many businesses, mobile technologies have already become indispensable as almost all businesses use wireless technologies in their operations, making it hard to survive without them. To remain “in-the-know” with today’s technological trends, Fast Lane offers Cisco enhanced Mobile Internet Technology training where you will learn about second-, third-, and fourth-generation technology support on the Cisco ASR 5000 series through skills-based training. These courses offer comprehensive training to help you integrate mobility products into your network as quickly as possible.


Service Provider Video

Many service providers and media companies are struggling to keep up with the rapidly growing consumer demand for new video experiences and the emergence of the internet-connected lifestyle. In order to remain competitive, businesses must deliver new and exciting services faster than ever before through integrated service provider video training.

Fast Lane’s Cisco Service Provider Video training identifies, qualifies, trains, and helps enable you to provide solution services for Cisco video solutions. These courses will help with faster go-to-market times, investment protection, and consistent support experiences.

This training also empowers the organization to be more prepared to solve business challenges such as increased operating costs, declining customer satisfaction and enables greater productivity, simplified business processes supporting growth, expansion and acquisition, and the need to address competitive pressures.


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