E-Learning and Tailored Learning Portals

Learning Center in the Fast Lane Community

The new Fast Lane Learning Center features various self-check assessments that can help identify your current knowledge level. Whether preparing for your career certification test or just identifying your current skill set, the Learning Center will help you take full advantage of your training.

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Implementing Learning Management Systems

Learning management systemCommitted to supporting enterprises’ efforts to plan and implement extensive training and professional development programs, we develop web-based learning portals and learning management systems (LMS) tailored to each company’s unique qualification requirements. An LMS affords every employee access to precisely the training content he or she needs to earn the targeted qualifications.

Developing E-Learning Content

Fast Lane e-learning contentDetermined to serve your every networking need, we develop modular e-learning content featuring interactive simulations, video, review questions, and online tests for every course level from introductory to expert. This affords ready access – everywhere and all the time - to learning content centered on storage, voice over IP, unified communications, security, wireless LAN, and other future-focused topics.

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