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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
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Cloud computing skills are in high demand. The number of organizations planning to invest in cloud computing is increasing by over 20% each year. But there's a large gap between intention and making it a reality: Specifically, skilled professionals with the know-how to manage transitions, updates, and the day-today of working in a cloud environment.

You have an opportunity to gain the skills you need to fill this gap.

For a limited time, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to sign up for a special heavily-discounted 1-day session of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals in our virtual classroom, and receive a FREE exam voucher to earn your Azure Fundamentals Certification.

You'll pay just 60- € for everything!

If you are looking to get hands-on experience with Azure, or looking to learn more about the product but don't know where to start, the special training opportunity is for you. Sign up now!

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How to attend: 4 easy steps

Step 1: Choose your date and course language above

Step 2: Join the session (we'll send you instructions)

Step 3: Get your free exam voucher from Fast Lane

Step 4: Take the exam, earn your badge, and see where it takes you!

About the course:

During the course, you'll gain foundational level knowledge on of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. We will cover general cloud computing concepts as well as general cloud computing models and services. You'll also come away with an understanding of core Azure services and solutions, and key Azure pillar services.

Using a mix of classroom presentations, demonstrations, and group discussions, you will conclude the course with the knowledge and confidence to springboard into other role-based courses and certifications, such as Azure Administrator.

In the virtual classroom setting, you can ask questions and get real-time feedback from Fast Lane's accredited Microsoft instructors with deep technical knowledge.

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Why get Microsoft Certified?

Taking the time to learn and earn certification has numerous benefits. A few key benefits to look for when you become a certified IT professional:

  • Recognition from an industry leader: With high name-recognition and reputation, a Microsoft Certification validates your ability to perform at the highest level in a modern digital business.

  • A solid foundation: Microsoft training prepares you for roles employers need to fill. Start by building the foundational skills professionals need, then provide an avenue to deeper technical skills required to perform industry roles

  • Get the job you've always wanted: Stand out and get the edge you need to land your next job. 19% of technical professionals say certification helped them get a new job

  • Higher earnings: About 35% of technical professionals say getting certified led to salary or wage increases, and 26% report job promotions. Certified IT professionals get promoted more than 50% faster than non-certified IT professionals

  • Highly desirable new skills: Earning a certification gives you a "Growth Mindset" (belief that you can learn difficult skills, leading to resiliency and value in a rapidly-evolving market)

  • A new career path (if you want one): Microsoft Certifications can be your ticket to the growing cloud market. Microsoft Azure accounts for 17% of the worldwide cloud market and is growing fast

  • The admiration of your employer: Earning certifications shows you are willing to put in the extra effort to build and validate your skills. (40% of certified IT professionals said it helped them gain respect)

  • Earn a strong place in the cloud era: 58% of IT departments worldwide say Microsoft Azure is a key driver of increased cloud investment. Earning a Microsoft Certification helps position you to be a part of that growth opportunity

  • Confidence and excitement about your career: Certifications can help you feel more confident (67% of IT professionals reported an increase), excited (35% increase), and happy (41% increase) about your work

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