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Cisco Optical Technology Services

As a leader in optical technology for nearly 2 decades, Fast Lane has built an optical team of experts and engineers who are responsible for different services including design, installation, maintenance, training, and workshops.

Cisco Learning Specialized PartnerHaving been involved in optical business since 2002, we have successfully fulfilled many international projects by helping partners and customers to build, maintain and troubleshoot their networks.

Our optical networks have been used to interconnect Data Centers, as well as to provide core infrastructure for the data transport between different remote locations and headquarters.

Our Optical customers have included financial enterprises, governmental institutions and one of the biggest Service Providers in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.


Our experienced engineers will gather customer requirements and create an optical network and simultaneously providing customers with a Bill Of Material (BOM), including prices and all optical parameters.

This way we can always evaluate customer requirements and design the network according to their needs and according to physical fiber characteristics and locations available for hosting the optical equipment.

On many occasions, we have also provided a second opinion by designing the optical network for customers who wished to examine if a more optimal design could be made. Having many years of experience in design, we can manually select certain design parameters in order to create a more optimal or more price-efficient design.


Once the design has been created, the installation of the customer’s optical network is scheduled.

We offer full installation and testing of the equipment as well as technical resources for the customer, if additional expertise and/or resources is required to successfully finish the installation in the specified time.

Design tools provide all the necessary installation parameters and our experienced experts/engineers are trained to mount the equipment into racks, to provide physical installation of chassis, cards/modules, all the fiber patching, software installation and optimization at the end.

By using different test tools (OTDR, Optical Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, BERT tester, etc…) we can support installation and troubleshoot potential problems as well as prepare acceptance testing at the end for the final handover.


All networks are live and change constantly during their lifetimes. For that reason, in addition to Day 0 initial installation, customers often require certain changes/upgrades as a result of changed or new business requirements that they have.

On these occasions, our team provides a new updated design of your existing network by adding new services, hardware or business locations.

Offered upgrade services also include pretesting and evaluation of future changes in order to prepare the customer for all upcoming changes and costs, examining if the upgrade requires investment in new hardware or an update of optical parameters and/or if configuration would be sufficient.


After the successful installation of the optical network, customers start with the production and live data is sent across the network.

During the operation, different expected or unexpected events can arise. This could be network hardware failure, a fiber cut, degradation/aging of hardware components and/or optical fiber or different unexpected events such as equipment disconnection, human error etc…

In these situations our experts/engineers are well trained to troubleshoot the optical network, find the failure and provide a solution for the problem. With the use of different optical test equipment tools as well as built-in tools, which are part of optical equipment, fast resolution of the problem is guaranteed. We will gladly communicate with vendors (hardware) or ISP (fiber owners), when this is needed for the successful problem resolution, minimizing your time investment.


For proper network operation, network monitoring is necessary.

Our experienced optical team is ready to provide first and second level support for the customer’s optical networks, as well as on-site intervention within the specified time frame, if required.

As a part of the 24/7 support we also offer a monthly check of the optical network and device backups. Proactively monitoring the customer network for certain degradations/aging, combined with optimization and proper backup procedures, ensures early detection of potential issues and their resolution before possible service-impacting failure.

For already existing support teams/centers or even a small/large NOC, we can provide basic training, empowering the team for the independent first level support.

The ONS 15454 is the flagship of the Cisco Optical portfolio, which includes core, edge/access, and DWDM platforms supporting a broad range of provider, carrier, and enterprise solutions. A leading Cisco SP Optical Specialized Partner and an authorized Cisco Learning Solutions Partner, we offer comprehensive training programs including many hands-on labs for Cisco Optical solutions.

Having been involved in optical business since 2002, Fast Lane has an unrivaled team of expert instructors who have built a series of Proof-of-Concept Workshops, which we have successfully used to enable Cisco partners and customers around the world to build, maintain and troubleshoot their networks.