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Delivering Hybrid IT with Cloud Center (CLDCTR)

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Lab Topology

  • Introduction to Cisco CloudCenter GUI
  • Create CloudCenter Repository
  • Create Deployment Environment
  • Create Images in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Create Contracts, Bundles, and Usage Plans
  • Create Users
  • Create Sub Tenant
  • Model and Deploy Two-Tier WordPress Application
  • Model and Deploy Multi-Tier RollerBlog Application
  • Terminate, Suspend, and Resume Applications
  • Create User-Defined Parameters
  • Explore Userenv File
  • Custom Service
  • Deploy Application in Hybrid Cloud
  • Application Benchmark
  • Schedule Application
  • Share Applications
  • Publish Applications in Marketplace
  • CICD Project Board
  • Manage Policies
  • Tags and Governance

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