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Implementing Aruba Introspect (IAI)

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Detailed Course Outline

Security Basics
  • Characteristics of an Attack
  • Indicators of Compromise
  • Cyber Attacks and the Cyber Kill Chain
Introduction to IntroSpect
  • IntroSpect Overview
  • Analytics Tools and Dashboards
  • AI and Machine Learning in IntroSpect
System Installation
  • IntroSpect Analyzer Configuration
  • IntroSpect Packet Processor Configuration
Analyzer Deployment Architecture
  • Fixed Configuration vs Scale-out Deployments
  • Licensing
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Overview of How IntroSpect Uses Logs and Data
Log Sources
  • Introduction to the Log Processing Chain
  • Configuring Log Sources
  • Customizing Log Sources
ClearPass Integration
  • IntroSpect as an External Context Server in ClearPass
  • Configuring ClearPass Log Sources in IntroSpect
  • Configuring ClearPass API and Client for IntroSpect
  • Quarantine Users / Entities from IntroSpect
Configuring Analytics
  • Introduction to Analytics and the Analyzer Dashboard
  • Entity360
  • Monitoring Strategies
  • Data Validation
Alert Investigation
  • Alert Investigation and Baselines
  • Alert Notifications and Chaining Alerts
  • Analyzing Alerts and Conversations
Administrative Tasks
  • Software Upgrade
  • IntroSpect Analyzer Health Checks
  • Data Retention Tuning
  • Administrative User Management
  • IntroSpect Analyzer Logs and Tech Support
  • System Alarms
  • Debugging the ETL Pipeline
  • Evaluating Log Sources and Alerts Errors

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