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Implementing Aruba Location Services (IALS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Meridian AppMaker, BLE, and ALE Introduction

  • Aruba Location Services and Meridian Product line
  • Key Features of the Meridian Platform
  • ALE and Analytics
  • Deployment models/ Customer Use cases
  • Licensing
  • AppMaker vs SDK App
  • Downloading/Navigating an App

Maps and Placemarks

  • App Creation Process
  • Building an App
  • Maps
  • Placemarks
  • Routes
  • Downloading App Viewer
  • Viewing App in App Viewer
  • Self-guided Wayfinding in an App

Pages and Events

  • Creating Pages in AppMaker
  • Types of Pages
  • Creating Lists
  • Events
  • App Theme
  • Language Localization

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon Positioning and Notification

  • Basics 

  • Beacon Location vs Proximity 
  • Beacons App
  • Deploying Beacons
  • Beacons in Meridian Editor
  • Beacons Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Campaigns and Notifications

  • Deploying a Proximity Beacon
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Associating a Beacon to a campaign
  • Testing and resetting campaigns

Beacon Deployment and Installation

  • RF Design review
  • Beacon Deployment Models
  • Antenna Patterns
  • Beacon Installation

Remote Beacon Management

  • Product Options
  • Architecture
  • Supported Controllers/AP models
  • Battery Powered vs USB beacons
  • Configuration and Features
  • Deploying an Aruba Sensor

Operations and maintenance

  • Beacons walk-through mode
  • Beacons Maintenance
  • Replacing Beacons
  • Deleting Beacons
  • Moving Beacons
  • Updating Apps in the App Store
  • License Renewals
  • Reports

ALE and Analytics

  • Why analytics
  • ALE architecture
  • ALE interface
  • Third party analytics
  • ALE scaling and licensing

Integration with ClearPass

  • Integration components
  • ClearPass integration
  • OAuth2
  • Configure ClearPass for OAuth2/Meridian

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