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Business & IT Convergence - Understand & Believe Internet of Things (BIC-UB-IOT)

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Detailed Course Outline

Trends Driving the “Internet of Things“
  • The role of IoT in today’s world
  • Hyperscale of intelligent, connected devices
  • IT-consumerization and IoT
New Applications Depending on IoT
  • The relevance if applications for IoT
  • Impact of IoT on existing business models and business use cases
  • IoT in conjunction with Big Data, Applications and Mobility
Evolution of the Digital Business
  • The value of integrated IoT solutions
  • Driving customer insight and personalization through IoT
  • Validate applications driving the evolution of digital business
  • Examine how IoT impacts business use cases in different verticals
  • Exercise: Case Study for Cisco IoT (Part 1)
Evaluate the Cisco IoT Portfolio
  • Understanding the Cisco IoT portfolio and strategy
  • Architectural building blocks of Cisco IoT
Identifying & Capturing IoT Opportunities
  • The need for going beyond TCO
  • Understand how applications are leading IoT-sales
  • Evaluate the buying centers outside of IT
  • Validate how Cisco IoT can be directly linked to end-customer business outcome
  • Exercise: Caste Studies for Cisco IoT (Part 2)

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