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Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Business Transformation
  • Understanding Business Transformation
  • The Role of the CIO in Business Transformation
  • The Evolving Role of the Technology Professional
  • Business Transformation and Organizational Readiness
Module 2: Technology Trends and Business Impact
  • Enabling Technology Trends
  • Aligning Innovative Technology to Business Value
  • Architectural Frameworks and Industry Models
Module 3: Understanding the Business Context
  • The Value Proposition of the Organization
  • Business Threats, Risks, and Competition
  • Implications of Technology Solutions on the Business
  • Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators, and Success Metrics
Module 4: Conducting Business Analysis for Value
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Information and Data Gathering
  • Business Analysis
  • Assessing Technology Capabilities and Gaps
Module 5: Financial Considerations of Technology Solutions
  • Financial Practices for Technology Solutions
  • Technology Licensing and Consumption Models
  • Budgeting Practices for Technology Solutions
  • Determining the Financial Value of Technology Solutions
Module 6: Managing Technology Solution Adoption and Implementation
  • Development and Implementation Models
  • Project Management Practices for Technology
  • Procuring Technology Solutions
Module 7: Communication and Influence
  • Leadership and Evolving Skills
  • Leading and Managing Teams
  • Communication and Influencing Techniques
  • Presenting the Technology Solution

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