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Cisco Explorer Controller (EC) Foundation Training (ECF)

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Detailed Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Cisco’s Digital Subscriber Network (DSN)
  • Examining a DBDS
  • Communication and File Delivery
  • System Management with the Explorer Controller (EC)
  • Working with User Accounts and Roles
  • Exploring MPEG Transport Streams in a Cable TV System
Module 2: Broadcast File System (BFS)
  • Investigating and Verifying the BFS
  • Examining Multiple Bootloaders
Module 3: System and Service Provisioning
  • Configuring a DBDS
  • Provisioning Clear Broadcast Services
  • Provisioning a Secure Broadcast Service
Module 4:Cisco Endpoint Provisioning
  • Set-tops with SARA Middleware
  • Vantage/Reference TV Navigator (RTN) Set-tops
  • PowerKEY Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs)
  • Delivering Data to Endpoints
Module 5: Additional Services
  • Provisioning PPV Services
  • Examining the IPG
  • Examining the EAS for North America
Module 6: Maintaining the DBDS
  • Introducing Utilities and Tools
  • Monitoring the System
  • Introducing the Replicated Database Package
  • Performing Backups and Restores

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