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Cisco Explorer Controller Suite Foundation Training (ECSF)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Explorer Controller Suite Overview Collection
  • What is an Explorer Controller Suite?
  • What Is the Main Purpose of an Explorer Controller Suite?
  • What Are the Three Significant Benefits?
  • What Hardware and Software Are Used with Explorer Controller Suite?
  • How Do You Define an Explorer Controller Suite User
Module 2: Explorer Controller Management
  • Accessing an Explorer Controller Web User Interface
  • Accessing an Explorer Controller CLI
  • Backing up an Explorer Controller
Module 3: Set-top, or CPE, Management
  • Querying a Set-Top, or CPE
  • Moving a Set-Top, or CPE
  • Deleting a Set-Top, or CPE
  • Batch Installing Set-Tops, or CPEs, and Displaying the Batch History
Module 4: Regional Provisioning
  • Provisioning Steps Overview
  • Step 1: Downloading a New Template
  • Step 2: Creating the XML Using the Excel Spreadsheet Template
  • Step 3: Importing and Validating the XML in the Explorer Controller Suite
  • Step 4: Provisioning Explorer Controllers by Applying the XML Job
Module 5: Explorer Controller Suite Reports
  • Reports Overview
  • Reporting Launch Pad
  • Reporting Parameters
  • Creating a Report
  • Displaying Saved Reports
  • Displaying Scheduled Reports
  • Creating Scheduled Reports
Module 6: Explorer Controller Suite Alarm Management
  • Accessing Alarms
  • Viewing and Responding to Alarms
  • Using Filters to Find Alarms
  • Configuring Alarm Settings for Cleanup, Display, and Email
  • Configuring a Mail Server for Emailing Alarms
Module 7: Displaying Log Files and Setting Logging Levels
  • Determining Log File Locations
  • Setting Explorer Controller Suite Service Log Levels
Module 8: Cisco Option Package File Management
  • Displaying Installed Cisco Option Package Files
  • Installing Cisco Option Package Files
  • Upgrading Cisco Option Package Files
  • Uninstalling a Cisco Option Package File
Module 9: User Management
  • Users and User Group Management
  • Password Management
  • Audit Tails and Audit Logs
Learning Activities
  • Explorer Controller Suite Terms
  • Querying a Set-top
  • Moving a Set-top
  • Deleting a Set-top
  • Batch Installing Set-tops
  • Regional Provisioning:
    • Step 1a: Downloading a New Template
    • Step 1b: Exporting Provisioning Data from an EC
    • Step 2: Importing XML Data into Template; Modifying and Exporting New XML
    • Step 3: Importing XML to Explorer Controller Suite and Validating
    • Step 4: Applying Provisioning Data to Explorer Controllers
  • Report Access
  • Three Ways to Access Alarms
  • Displaying and Responding to Alarms
  • Setting Explorer Controller Suite Service Log Settings

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