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Implementing and Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 4.0 (IAC)

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Detailed Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:

  • Module 1: Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) Topology and Architecture, and Cisco IAC 4.0 Demonstration
  • Module 2: Detailed Review of Cisco IAC 4.0 Hardware and Software Prerequisites
  • Module 3: Installing Cisco IAC Software: Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco Process Orchestrator, and Cisco IAC Network Management Appliance
  • Module 4: Configuring Cisco IAC 4.0
  • Module 5: Tenant Management
  • Module 6: IAC 4.0 Capabilities: Virtual Data Center and Virtual Machine Provisioning Services
  • Module 7: Cisco IAC Enhancements
  • Module 8: Administering Cisco IAC

The lab outline is as follows:
Lab 1: Creating Virtual Machines Demo
Lab 2: Reviewing Hardware and Software Prerequisites
Lab 3-1: Installing and Configuring Cisco Process Orchestration and Automation Packs
Lab 3-2: Apply Patches
Lab 4-1: A. Deploying Cisco IAC Services and Portlets
Lab 4-2:Installing the Cisco IAC Patches
Lab 4-3:Running the Cisco IAC Configuration Wizard
Lab 5-1: Adding Organizations
Lab 5-2:Adding Tenants
Lab 5-3:Adding Users
Lab 6-1: Creating a Virtual Data Center
Lab 6-2: Provisioning Virtual Machines
Lab 6-3: Provisioning Networks
Lab 7-1: Adjusting Standards, Approvals and Email Templates
Lab 7-2: Modifying Portlet Text
Lab 7-3: Configuring Directory Integration
Lab 7-4: Customizing the Portal Style Sheet


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