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Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions (MOBBKHL300)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Mobile Network Architecture

  • Examining Mobile Backhaul Architecture
  • Examining Foundational Principles of Radio Frequency

Module 2: Mobile Backhaul End-to-End Communication

  • MBH End-to-End Communication Basics
  • Examining Cisco UMMT Architectures
  • Cisco UMMT Service and Control Architectures
  • Implementing Clocking and Timing
  • Implementing Traffic Management
  • Examining Migration Strategies for MBH

Module 3: Configuring the Backhaul Network

  • Configuring Cisco ASR Devices for MBH
  • Configuring Core Layer Device
  • Configuring Aggregation Layer Devices
  • Configuring Cisco RAN Layer Access Devices
  • Configuring Advanced Features

Module 4: Cisco Mobile Backhaul Legacy Configuration and Timing

  • Mobile Backhaul Legacy Interoperability
  • Synchronizing Backhaul Device Communication

Lab Outline

Lab 1: Cisco RAN Network Discovery

  • Task 1: Document Your Lab
  • Task 2: Understanding Lab Network Routing

Lab 2: Configuration Planning for MBH End-to-End IP Traffic Forwarding

  • Task 1: Provide Network Documentation

Lab 3: Configuration Planning for MBH End-to-End Timing and Clock Recovery

  • Task 1: Provide Network Documentation

Lab 4: Configuring Core for Multiarea IGP Design with Labeled BGP Access

  • Task 1: Configure Mobile Transport Gateway Routers
  • Task 2: Configure Core Route Reflectors
  • Task 3: Configure Core Node Area Border Routers

Lab 5: Configuration of Aggregation Devices

  • Task 1: Configure Aggregation Devices

Lab 6 Configuration of RAN Access Layer Devices for Multiarea IGP Design with Labeled BGP Access

  • Task 1: Configure RAN Access Layer Devices

Lab 7: SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 Timing Configuration

  • Task 1: Configure SyncE
  • Task 2: Configure Precision Time Protocol (1588v2)

Lab 8: Pseudowire Configuration

  • Task 1: ATM Pseudowire Configuration
  • Task 2: TDM Pseudowire Configuration
  • Task 3: APS Configuration

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