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Cisco TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training (TICT)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Initial Installation and Setup
Module 2: Interoperability
Module 3: Gatekeepers and SIP Registrars
Module 4: Provisioning
Module 5: Call Routing
Module 6: Device Configuration
Module 7: Bandwidth Management
Module 8: Redundancy and Clustering
Module 9: Security


Lab 1: Cisco VCS Basic Configuration
Lab 2: Cisco VCS H.323 Setup and Endpoint Registration
Lab 3: Cisco VCS SIP Setup and Endpoint Registration
Lab 4: Cisco Unified IP Phone Registration to Cisco UCM Using Auto Registration
Lab 5: Cisco VCS Configuration for Call Routing and Interworking
Lab 6: Cisco TelePresence System Endpoint Registration to Cisco UCM
Lab 7: Cisco TMS Provisioning
Lab 8: Writing Regular Expressions
Lab 9: Cisco VCS: Creating Transforms
Lab 10: Cisco VCS: Neighbor Zones and Search Rules
Lab 11: Cisco UCM
Lab 12: Cisco VCS: Traversal Zone Configuration
Lab 13: Cisco VCS: DNS Zone Configuration
Lab 14: CTMS Configuration
Lab 15: Cisco MCU Configuration
Lab 16: Cisco Conductor Configuration
Lab 17: Cisco ISDN Gateway Dial Plan Writing
Lab 18: Cisco ISDN Gateway Dial Plan Configuration
Lab 19: Cisco TMS Configuration
Lab 20: Cisco TelePresence Manager User Interface and CTMS Connectivity
Lab 21: Subzone Configuration
Lab 22: Cisco VCS Authentication Configuration
Lab 23: Provisioning Authentication Configuration


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