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Postgres Plus Advanced Database Administration (EDB210)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Postgres Plus Advanced Server Features and Tools Overview
  • SQL Tuning - Common Issues, the Tuning Process and How to Steps
  • Performance Tuning - Techniques, OS and Server Parameter Tuning, Monitoring with PEM
  • DRITA - Configuring and Using
  • Performance Benchmarking - How, Why, Tools, Testing
  • Routine Maintenance - Tools, Statistics, Vacuuming, Reindexing
  • Job Scheduling and using pgAgent
  • Extensions - Installing and Using Available Extension Modules
  • Table Partitioning - Benefits, Methods/Types, Syntax
  • Connection Pooling - pgpool II, pgbouncer, Configuration and Use
  • Materialized Views - Creating and Using
  • SQL/Protect - Details for Projecting against Injection Attacks
  • Cloning a Database
  • WAL Archiving - Process and Configuration
  • Streaming Replication - Type and Use
  • xDB Replication - Types and Use
  • Monitoring - Collecting Statistics, Monitoring Processes, Using PEM Stored Procedural Languages - PL/pgSQL, SPL Details
  • EDB Wrap - Using the Utility and Obfuscating Source Code

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