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Advanced OpenStack Cloud on Cisco UCS Management with Manual Deployment (AOSCUCS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 - Deploy each OpenStack Platform service manually

  • Message broker
    • Install and configure the message broker service.
    • Secure it using authentication and encryption.
  • Keystone identity service
    • Install, configure, and use the Keystone authentication services.
  • Swift object storage service
    • Install, configure, and use the Swift object storage service.
  • Glance image service
    • Install and use the Glance image service.
  • Cinder block storage service
    • Install the Cinder block storage service.
    • Manage Cinder volumes.
  • Nova compute and controller services
    • Install Nova compute and controller services.
    • Deploy an instance from the command line.

Module 2 - Neutron - Overview OpenStack architecture related to software-defined networks

  • Introduction to Linux networking fundamentals
  • Review Linux system administration networking concepts.
  • Deploy virtual bridges
    • Install and manage Linux bridges and Open vSwitch.
  • Deploy virtual network devices and implementing namespaces
    • Create tap devices, veth devices, and network namespaces. Implement a virtual router.
  • Introduction to Neutron architecture
    • Define Neutron architecture.
  • Implement and use the Neutron server
  • Implement and use the Neutron L2 services
  • Implement and use the Neutron DHCP agent
  • Implement and use the Neutron L3 agent

Module 3 - Expanding, metering, tweaking

  • Nova compute service
    • Implement an additional compute node
    • Learn to add and remove additional Nova compute nodes.
  • Ceilometer metering service
    • Install and manage the ceilometer metering service.
  • Deploying a high-availability cluster
    • Configure Pacemaker, Corosync and HaProxy for OpenStack API services.
  • Implement an active-passive MySQL cluster
  • Implement an active-active message broker
    • Set up and run a pool of message brokers to improve availability and reliability.

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