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Cisco EnergyWise Technical Clinic (EWTC)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to EnergyWise
  • Why Energy Management?
  • Compliance, Go Green, Differentiation, Cost Savings
  • Selling EnergyWise
Business Energy Management
  • EnergyWise on Cisco equipment
  • EnergyWise on Endpoints
  • EnergyWise for non-IP devices
Energy Management Part 1: EnergyWise
  • How EnergyWise Works
  • Enabling, Monitoring & Configuring EnergyWise
  • SQL Queries
  • Importance, Keywords, Locations
Lab 1 – Configuring and Tuning EnergyWise
  • Configuring EnergyWise on Cisco Switches
  • Fine Tuning EnergyWise on Cisco Switches
  • Running specific Queries
  • Monitoring and Securing the EnergyWise Domain
Energy Management Part 2: Applications, Sales Tools, Platform Sustainability, Intelligent Buildings
  • EnergyWise Central Management
  • Introduction to the Cisco Orchestrator
  • Cisco Orchestrator Configuration
  • Filtering Options
  • Policy & Rule Management
  • 10 Steps to Sell EnergyWise
  • 802.3az
  • Sustainability Platforms with 802.3az
  • StackPower
Lab 2 – Administering EnergyWise
  • Logging into Cisco Orchestrator
  • Configuring Group Assignment Policies
  • Configuring Policies
  • Managing Devices through Orchestrator
  • Reporting & Monitoring

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