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Selling Next Generation Hyperconvergence with HyperFlex Systems (HFS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Topic 1 - Everything you need to know about the Hyperconvergence Market!

  • Where is Hyperconvergence today?
  • How Hot is this Market? (market stats, etc)
  • Existing Players in this Market
    • Nutanix, SimpliVity, EMC VxRail, HPE, etc
  • Problems with Existing Solutions
    • Scaling & Performance (dedup, optimization, etc)
    • Networking
    • Integration & Management
  • Next Generation Hyperconvergence and HyperFlex
    • Software-defined compute, storage and networking
  • Video – Introducing HyperFlex

Topic 2 - Behind the Scenes of HyperFlex

  • From UCS to HyperFlex and Cisco’s Vision
  • How is it different to what we have?
  • Key Components
    • HyperFlex HX Nodes
    • UCS and Fabric Interconnects
    • The HyperFlex HX Data Platform
  • HyperFlex with ACI and Enterprise Cloud
  • HyperFlex and Cisco One
  • What does this mean for my Customer?
  • What does this mean for me as a Partner?
  • Exercise – Evaluating the Market Opportunity for HyperFlex

Topic 3 - How to Position HyperFlex with Customers

  • 5 Key HyperFlex Benefits to Focus on (e.g. From Complexity to Simplicity, Faster Provisioning, Lower TCO, etc)
  • Using HyperFlex to Solve Key Customer Challenges
    • Moving at the Speed of Business
    • Transform Processes and Business Models
    • Empower Workforce Efficiency and Innovation
    • Personalize Customer/Citizen/Patient Experience
    • The Promise of Cloud Economics
  • Mapping HyperFlex to the Cisco Business Solutions Framework
  • Mapping HyperFlex to Business Outcomes
  • Target Markets, Target Customers and Target Stakeholders
    • Where HyperFlex Fits and Doesn’t Fit
    • Primary HyperFlex Use Cases (Large Branch Office, Test & Dev, VDI, etc)
  • How to sell to existing Customers
    • The UCS Customer Journey
    • Positioning HyperFlex in the Enterprise and Data Center
    • HyperFlex Success Stories
  • Exercise: Evolving a customer from business objectives to final business outcomes with HyperFlex

Topic 4 - Competition and Objection Handling

  • 5 Key Things Unique to HyperFlex?
  • Custom-built for Hyperconvergence
  • Integration with DC Architecture and ACI
  • Single Point of Management
  • 5 Things the Competition would love to do but can’t!
  • Summary – Key Competitive Advantages
  • How to Position these with a Customer!
  • Exercise - True or False – Dispelling the Myths about HyperFlex and the Competition

Topic 5 - Summary

  • Additional Resources
  • Summary
  • Q&A
  • Wrap up

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