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ISE 1.3 Update Workshop (ISEWS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Designing and Implementing ISE for a multi Active Directory environment
  • Integrate Cisco ISE with AD
  • Integrate Cisco ISE with second AD
  • Basic Policy Configuration
  • Policy Set Configuration
Module 2: Implementing BYOD Policies using ISE 1.3
  • BYOD Process Overview
  • BYOD Portal Selection
  • My Devices Portal
  • BYOD with Certificates or Local ISE CA server
  • MDM Integrations
Module 3: Implementing VPN Access, Posture and Compliance with ISE 1.3
  • AAA – External Authentication
  • Access Flows with Cisco ISE and ASA v9.2+
  • Access Flows with Cisco ISE and ASA Pre-v9.2
  • Configuring ASA for VPN authentication via ISE
  • Adding ASA as new NAD on ISE
  • Using Cisco ISE for Posture services
  • Configuring ASA v9.2+ for Posture services
  • Verifying Posture configuration on ASA and ISE
  • Configure Posture Settings
  • Configure Client Provisioning
  • Posture Policies
  • Test and Monitor Posture Access
Module 4: Implementing ISE 1.3 Guest Services
  • Configure Guest Access
  • Sponsor Configuration
  • Guest Reports
Module 5: ISE 1.3 Licensing
  • Cisco ISE and Positioning
  • Cisco Sales Motions
  • The Market and ATP Program
  • Licensing Updates for 1.3

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