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Optical Technologies Fundamentals (OTF)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Optical Technologies

  • Overview
  • Light and Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Standard ITU-T frequencies
  • Advantages of Optical Fiber
  • Elements of Transmission
  • Optical Power and Loss

Module 2: Fiber Basics

  • Optical Fibers Overview
  • Optical Fiber Parameters
  • Light propagation inside the fiber
  • Optical fiber types (SMF, MMF)
  • Attenuation and loss inside the optical fiber
  • Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Modal, Chromatic and Polarized Mode Dispersion
  • Non-linear effects in optical fiber
  • The interconnection problems and loss factors
  • Different connectors and splicing types
  • Fiber cleaning

Module 3: DWDM Components

  • DWDM Overview
  • Optical Architecture in DWDM Systems
  • DWDM Transponders
  • Optical Emitters (Lasers, LED)
  • Optical Filters (Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, ROADM)
  • Optical Dispersion Compensation
  • Optical Amplification (EDFA and RAMAN) and Regeneration

Module 4: DWDM Networks Design and Tools

  • Overview Of Optical Network Design
  • Designs for Capacity, Distance, and Applications
  • Linear and Non-linear Effects
  • Power Budget and Amplification
  • Optical network design tools

Module 5: SONET/SDH Rates and Basic Terminology

  • SONET/SDH Overview
  • SONET/SDH Rates
  • SONET/SDH Equipment and Transmission Segments

Module 6: Safety, Optical Measurements, and Testing

  • Optical Safety
  • Optical Measurements and Testing

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