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Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 (WB400G)

Detailed Course Outline

Course introduction Introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager Exercise: Operational Decision Manager in action Developing decision services Exercise: Setting up decision services Programming with business rules Developing object models Exercise: Working with the BOM Exercise: Refactoring Orchestrating ruleset execution Exercise: Working with ruleflows Authoring rules Exercise: Exploring action rules Exercise: Authoring action rules Exercise: Authoring decision tables Customizing rule vocabulary with categories and domains Exercise: Working with static domains Exercise: Working with dynamic domains Working with queries Exercise: Working with queries Debugging rules Exercise: Executing rules locally Exercise: Debugging a ruleset Enabling tests and simulations Exercise: Enabling rule validation Managing deployment Exercise:  Managing deployment Exercise: Using Build Command to build RuleApps Executing rules with Rule Execution Server Exercise: Exploring the Rule Execution Server console Auditing and monitoring ruleset execution Exercise: Auditing ruleset execution through Decision Warehouse Working with the REST API Exercise: Executing rules as a hosted transparent decision service (HTDS) Introducing decision governance Course summary


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