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Developing Applications in IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8.5.7 - II (WB861G)

Detailed Course Outline

Course introduction Introduction to IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.7 Exercise: Using iterative development to create applications Course business scenario Version control and testing of SCA applications Exercise: Version control for SCA applications SCA bindings, the SCA runtime, and SCA quality of service qualifiers Exercise: Working with SCA bindings and qualifiers Fault handlers Exercise: Applying fault handlers WS-BPEL compensation and event handlers Exercise: Applying a compensation handler to WS-BPEL Business state machines Exercise: Working with business state machines Transactional behavior of SCA applications Exercise: Defining transactional behavior in SCA applications Business process flexibility Exercise: Creating flexible business processes Relationships Exercise: Working with static relationships Mediation primitives Exercise: Implementing a mediation flow Mediation flow control Exercise: Writing a generic error handler for IBM Process Server Security Exercise: Implementing security Governance of process applications Exercise: Applying governance to process applications Integrating with IBM Business Process Manager Exercise: Integrating other applications with IBM Integration Designer Course summary


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