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Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA)

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Detailed Course Outline

Day 1
  • Cloud Provisioning and Administration
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Cloud Interoperability
  • Strategic policy design for cloud usage and compliance
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies for Cloud
  • Performance Measures, Monitoring and Optimization in Production
  • Cloud Security Fundamentals
Day 2
  • Federated controls and strategies for multiple cloud and non-cloud administration
  • IaaS: Deployment of Virtual Clouds, Virtual DCs and Virtual Networks
  • IaaS: Virtual Storage Provisioning and Management
  • IaaS: Cloud Infrastructure Benchmarking
  • IaaS: Deployment Automation And Elastic Sizing Of Environments
  • IaaS: Workload Definition
  • IaaS: VM Deployment And Maintenance Life Cycle
Day 3
  • PaaS Deployment, Administration and Security of Cloud-Enabled Platforms
  • PaaS Application Container Management Issues
  • PaaS Cloud Broker Platforms
  • SaaS: Cloud service catalogues and application marketplaces
  • SaaS: Multi-Tenant Data Management
  • Certification Exam Preparation

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