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Data Center Switching (DCX)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: System Overview
  • Overcoming Challenges in Today’s Environment
  • Hardware Overview and Architecture
Module 3: Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Understanding Zero Touch Provisioning
  • ZTP in Action: A Working Example
  • Lab 1: Zero Touch Provisioning
Module 4: In-Service Software Upgrade
  • Understanding ISSU on QFX5100 Series switches
  • ISSU in Action: A Working Example
  • Lab 2: In-service Software Upgrade
Module 5: MC-LAG
  • MC-LAG Overview
  • MC-LAG Redundancy
  • MC-LAG States
  • Traffic Flows
  • Configuring MC-LAG
  • Monitoring MC-LAG
  • Lab 3: MC-LAG
Module 6: Mixed Virtual Chassis
  • Overview of mixed Virtual Chassis
  • Provisioning a mixed Virtual Chassis
  • Software Requirements and Upgrades
  • Configuring and Monitoring a mixed Virtual Chassis
  • Lab 4: Mixed Virtual Chassis
Module 7: Virtual Chassis Fabric
  • Overview of Virtual Chassis Fabric
  • Control and Forwarding Plane
  • Software Requirements and Upgrades
Module 8: Virtual Chassis Fabric Management
  • Managing a Virtual Chassis Fabric using the CLI
  • Dynamically Provisioning a Virtual Chassis Fabric
  • Preprovisioning and Autoprovisioning a Virtual Chassis Fabric
  • Managing a Virtual Chassis Fabric with Space
  • Lab 5: Virtual Chassis Fabric

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