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Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# (20485)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Windows Store App Essentials
  • Review Windows Store App Essentials
  • Review Windows Store App Essentials – Under the Hood
Module 2: Implementing Animations and Transitions
  • Using Animations
  • Working with Transitions and Transformations
Module 3: Implementing Globalization and Localization
  • Working with Resource Files
  • Implementing Culture-Specific Formatting
Module 4: Branding and a Seamless UI
  • Branding
  • Customizing the Splash Screen
  • Branding Your App’s UI
Module 5: Advanced Data Scenarios in a Windows Store App
  • Windows Store App Storage Options
  • Implementing Data Caching
  • Advanced File Functionality
Module 6: Creating Reusable Controls and Components
  • Working with Custom and Templated Controls
  • Creating and Using WinRT Components
Module 7: Implementing Advanced Contract Scenarios
  • The Play To Contract
  • The Print Contract
  • Integrating Contacts and Calendars
  • Support PDF files and screenshots
  • Integrating Speech Synthesis
Module 8: The Windows Push Notification Service
  • Introduction to The Push Notification Service
  • Communicating with the WNS
Module 9: Capturing Media
  • Using CameraCaptureUI to Capture Pictures, Videos or Audio
  • Using MediaCapture to Capture Pictures, Video, or Audio
Module 10: Background Tasks
  • Creating Background Tasks
  • Using Background Tasks in a Windows Store App
Module 11: Working with Sensors and Devices
  • Working with Sensors
  • Working with Devices
Module 12: Generating Revenue with Your Windows Store App
  • Implementing Trial Functionality in a Windows Store App
  • Implementing In-App Purchases
  • Advertising in a Windows Store App
Module 13: Securing Windows Store App Data
  • Managing Windows Authentication
  • Managing Web Authentication
  • Encryption in Windows Store Apps
Module 14: Tracing and Profiling Windows Store Apps
  • Analyzing a Windows Store App
  • Tracing a Windows Store App
  • Profiling a Windows Store App
  • Creating Animations in a Windows Store App
  • Creating Transitions in a Windows Store App
  • Creating and Consuming the Resource Files
  • Applying Culture-Specific Formatting
  • Creating a Customize Splash Screen
  • Branding a Windows Store App
  • Caching Data
  • Creating and Using a Custom Control
  • Using a WinRT Component
  • Printing a Single Page
  • Printing Multiple Pages
  • Adding PDF support
  • Manage a Windows Notification Service Channel
  • Capturing Video by Using the CameraCaptureUI API
  • Capturing an Image by Using the MediaCapture API
  • Transfer Files in the Background
  • Create and Consume a Background Task
  • Using the SimpleOrientationSensor
  • Using Location Services
  • Using Geofencing
  • Use Windows.Store Classes to Support Trial App Conversion
  • Implement In-App Purchasing in an App
  • Use ACS Authentication
  • Encrypt User Information
  • Profiling Performance
  • Profiling Memory Usage

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