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Design and Implementation of the Next Generation PMO (DING)

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Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

  • Definition and characteristics of a PMO
  • What is a PMO?
  • Business Value of the PMO
  • Four PMO models
  • Typical PMO functions
  • Challenges in PMO Setup
  • PMO challenges
  • Next Gen PMO
  • Establishing the PMO
  • The PMO project
  • Governance

Day 2

  • Process definition and assimilation
  • Tools for the PMO
  • PMO as Change Agent
  • Project Stewardship
  • Demonstrating PMO value
  • Do's and Don'ts of PMO implementation
  • Managing the project portfolio
  • Planning, reporting and oversight
  • PMO risk management
  • Project performance metrics
  • Maintaining and archiving PMO assets

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