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Executive's Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

  • What is PPM?
  • Fundamental PPM Concepts
  • Sources of Project Failure and Success
  • Why project success is not enough
  • PPM Roles and Responsibilities
  • Promise of PPM
  • Role of formal Project Management in PPM
  • People, Process and Tools
  • The power of a PPM Project Charter
  • Organizational Impact of PPM
  • Prerequisites of PPM
  • PPM Process Groups

Day 2

  • The PPM Process – Overview
  • Portfolio Definition Process
  • Stakeholders & Governance
  • Project Identification & Categorization
  • Using the Project Register
  • Evaluating Projects
  • Selection Criteria & Scoring
  • Evaluation Tools and Techniques
  • Importance of Estimates

Day 3

  • Project Selection and Prioritization
  • How to Fund Projects Effectively
  • Managing Risks to the Portfolio
  • Managing the Portfolio
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Reporting on Portfolio Results
  • Managing the PPM process
  • PPM Implementation as a Program
  • PPM Milestones
  • Gaining Organizational Adoption of your new PPM Process

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