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Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Development (JB453)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Red Hat JBoss Data Grid overview

  • Learn about the features and architecture of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid.

Module 2: Install Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

  • Install Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and configure the development environment.

Module 3: Develop a cache-based application

  • Code, compile, and test an application that uses the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid cache.

Module 4: Access a remote cache

  • Access a cache with remote cache managers using a variety of connector types.

Module 5: Configure eviction and expiration of cache entries

  • Evict and expire cache entries.

Module 6: Maintain cache integrity

  • Maintain cache integrity with transactions and locking.

Module 7: Clustering caches

  • Configure, manage, and optimize clustered caches.

Module 8: Persist the cache

  • Back up the memory cache with a persistent cache store.

Module 9: Secure the cache

  • Restrict access to cache managers and caches.

Module 10: Search the cache

  • Query the cache elements using the Infinispan query features.

Module 11: Course review

  • Continue practicing developing applications with caching using the material presented in this course.

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