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Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Red Hat Satellite installation

  • Install Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server and populate it with Red Hat Enterprise Linux software content

Module 2: Red Hat Satellite organization

  • Effectively control user access for Red Hat Satellite administration

Module 3: Red Hat Satellite client registration

  • Register hosts to a Red Hat Satellite server, both interactively and automatically

Module 4: Incorporate software management into SDLC

  • Control which packages hosts can install and which updates are propagated to hosts. Evaluate host deviations from corporate standards

Module 5: Deploy custom software using Red Hat Satellite

  • Incorporate non-Red Hat software packages into a Red Hat Satellite framework

Module 6: Configuration management with Puppet

  • Create and populate a Puppet repository within a Red Hat Satellite framework

Module 7: Centralized management and deployment of system configurations

  • Configure hosts using Puppet

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