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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for SAP Applications (SLE221)

Detailed Course Outline

Section 1: Overview of SLES for SAP

  • What is SLES for SAP Applications?
  • SLES for SAP Applications Life Cycle
  • SLES Priority Support for SAP Applications
  • SUSE Connect Program
  • Related SUSE Offerings

Section 2: Planning for and Installing SLES for SAP

  • Installation Media and Software Channels
  • SAP Certified Hardware
  • SLES for SAP Installation Workflow
  • Required Installation Parameters
  • Software Patterns
  • Networking
  • Kernel Setting and Tuning
  • YaST SAP Installation Wizard

Section 3: High Availability Extension with SLES for SAP

  • Overview of High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options with SLES for SAP
  • Simple Stack Scenario for SAP NetWeaver
  • Dual Datacenter Scenario with DRBD Replication

Section 4: Securing SLES for SAP

  • Security Components
  • Network Security for SAP
  • Minimal OS Package Selection
  • Update and Patch Strategies
  • Data Encryption

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