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VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server: Install, Configure, Manage (ZICM)

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Detailed Course Outline

1 Course Introduction

  • Overview and schedule

2 Zimbra Architectural Overview

  • Introduce architectural components of Zimbra

3 Licensing

  • Install, activate, and check licenses

4 Installing ZCS

  • Perform a single-server installation

5 Zimbra Administration Console Overview

  • Manage domains, accounts, aliases, distribution lists and

6 CLI Utility

  • Use important utilities like zmprov and zmcontrol

7 ZCS System Care

  • Monitor system by using console, logs, and daily report

8 Additional Information and Support

  • Understand and use help resources

9 Basic Administration Training 10 Backup and Restore

  • Schedule, perform, and troubleshoot backups
  • Perform service and account restores

11 Performance Tuning

  • Optimize file system, network, mail-transfer agent, and LDAP

12 Monitoring with zmstats

  • Monitor load and performance

13 Migration Options and Planning

  • Plan and implement migrations to Zimbra

14 Upgrading ZCS

  • Perform single-server and multiserver upgrades

15 Upgrade General System Troubleshooting

  • Resolve most common upgrade problems

16 ZCS 7.0 Feature Highlights

  • Understand changes and differences

17 Personalizing Your Deployment: Themes and Logos

  • Understand and use themes and Zimlets classes of service

18 Zimbra Archiving and Discovery

  • Understand and implement message archiving and crossmailbox search

19 Advanced Administration Training Overview 20 ZCS Architectural Components

  • Understand Zimbra components in a multiserver context

21 Architecture and Storage Considerations

  • Plan, size, and tune a multiserver deployment

22 Multiserver Installation, Clustering, and Upgrading

  • Configure load balancing and perform multiserver upgrades
  • Understand clustering hardware and software requirements

23 Clustering RHEL 5.1 1+1 Cluster

  • Install and troubleshoot RHEL clusters

24 Delegated Administration

  • Manage administator rights among teams of administrators

25 Directory and GAL Integration

  • Use the Zimbra LDAP service or integrate with Microsoft Exchange

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