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Microsoft Azure Backup and Restore Workshop (AZBR)


Course Overview

Microsoft Azure offers an ideal way to solve some of your organisation's biggest business and technology challenges. In this 1 day workshop, your customers will learn the value and business benefits of deploying backups and recovery using Microsoft Azure. Further, they will learn how to reduce costs, raise efficiency and introduce innovative new business models that make enterprises more agile and efficient while simplifying operations and infrastructure, all based on the benefits of the Microsoft backup and restore Azure solution.

During the workshop, the morning session is a lecture based on business benefits and value, and essential information while the afternoon session includes hands-on labs and teaches the audience the essential information for implementing a simple backup and restore in the Azure infrastructure.

Who should attend

The primary audience for this seminar is business decision makers and technical professionals who are eager to understand the benefits and value of Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery


Prior to attending, you should have a basic understanding of computing

Course Content

Introduction to Cloud Overview

  • Overview of cloud computing
  • Cloud models

Introduction to Azure

  • What is Azure
  • Location of Azure DC
  • Overview of Azure services: Compute storage and identity
  • Overview of Azure Services Web data and media
  • Subscriptions
  • Scalability and Availability
  • Azure Resource Manager Portal

Infrastructure overview

  • Benefits of VM in Azure
  • How are they created


  • What is Azure storage
  • Azure storage services

Backup & Recovery

  • What can be backed up
  • Azure Backup differ from Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Backup Server
  • Azure Backup Agent
  • Azure IaaS VM backup
  • System Center DMP
  • Recovery Services Vault
  • Backup, Retention and Recovery
  • Data Security for Backups
    • Alerting and Monitoring for Azure Backup
    • Log Files


  • The Azure Portal
  • Creating and Managing the VM
  • Creating storage in Windows VM
  • Create and Manage a Storage Account
  • Create Backup, Retention and Recovery
  • Recovery Services Vault
  • Data Security for Backups
    • Alerting and Monitoring for Azure Backup
    • Log Files
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 1 day

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