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Blockchain/Ethereum Introduction for Business (BIB)

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Day 1 – Technology Basics
A Deep Dive into Blockchain Technology
Blockchain & Ethereum Fundamentals / Decentralized Applications / Smart Contracts

The first day rapidly introduces participants to blockchain technology, its use cases and technological impact on various industries, focusing on the Ethereum Blockchain technology.

In the morning, we provide you with a profound technical understanding of blockchain, cryptography and economic consensus, without requiring programming skills. We will also look at cryptocurrency coins, wallets and exchanges.

The course then dives into the practical (d)applications and use cases, as well as the Ethereum community with practical examples where users interact with live smart contracts.

Theory and Fundamentals – (Morning Session)

  • Blockchain overview and fundamentals
  • Consensus systems, merkle trees, cryptographic hashes
  • Deep dive into Ethereum
  • Smart contract capabilities and limitations
  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • Cryptocurrency: Coins, wallets, security, exchanges and investing
    • Included excercise - buying and transacting with cryptocurrency
Practical Applications and Ethereum – (Afternoon Session)
  • Ethereum community and innovation mechanisms
  • The decentralized application landscape
  • Interacting with Ethereum: Included exercise: Account creation, transaction auditing and interaction with a smart contrac
  • Smart contract complexity and risks: The DAO
  • Blockchain Innovation Brainstorming and Q&A
    Included activity – Guided discussion and brainstorming of blockchain technology
Day 2 – Advanced / Business
Blockchain Innovation and Strategy – Use Cases & Business Implementation
Enterprise Deployment / ICOs / Risks and Challenges

From global conglomerates to small start-up entrepreneurs, blockchain technology is as exciting as it is promising. We unravel the hype, help you assess the real potential, as well as current risks and limitations.

Blockchain Business Models and Enterprise Networks (Morning Session)
  • Criteria for building a blockchain use case
  • Public, private and consortium networks
  • Exploring enterprise protocols: IBM Hyperledger, R3 Corda and JPMC Quorum
  • The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and ConsenSys
  • ICOs and token sales:
    • New business models and funding strategies on the blockchain
    • Tokenized business models
    • ERC-20 Standard
Business Implementation & Use Cases (Afternoon Session)
  • Deploying Ethereum in an enterprise context with Quorum
  • Solving the scalability challenge
  • Application and risk discussions
  • In depth industry use case analysis
    Included activity – Guided discussion & analyzing industry use cases
  • Innovation/Entrepreneur Workshop
    Included activity – Q&A and participant idea development & evalution

Important: For certain excercises you need to bring your laptop.

The rates offered are promotional and do not apply to future trainings.

Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Eastern Europe: 2,190.- €


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