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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Cisco (GDPRC)


Course Overview

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced, significantly increasing potential fines and costs for data processing in EU member countries and anywhere EU personally identifiable information (PII) is processed. GDPR replaces the existing patchwork of EU National Data Protection legislation and brings a degree of consistency to the data protection landscape in Europe.

GDPR legislatively embodies the well-recognised privacy principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability and attempts to introduce a risk-based approach that enables innovation and participation in the global digital economy while respecting individual rights.

This one-day course will provide a good understanding of the new regulation, the changes it will bring and the potential impact it will have for your customer’s organisation. It will also examine the Cisco products, solutions and services to help provide customers with the key access, network, cloud and end-point technology building blocks to address the challenges they face in dealing with this regulation.

Course Content


To provide the foundation knowledge to help become GDPR compliant by explaining the legal basis for processing, consent, privacy notices, control of personal data, mandatory breach reporting, complaints and penalties.

  • What does GDPR change mean & why
  • Who & what does the GDPR apply to
  • GDPR principles considered: -
    • Right to be forgotten (RTBF) and servicing a person's data access request
    • Data protection by design and by default and defining what "state of the art" means
    • Data breach notification rules
    • Encryption and/or pseudonymization of data
    • Data minimization principle, defining data use cases and managing consent
    • Data transfers to countries outside of the EU
    • Data portability
    • Appointing a data protection officer (DPO)
  • What accountability & governance your customers need to apply
  • How to position GDPR compliance as risk mitigation
  • The journey to compliance will differ from customer to customer and planning will likely require a GDPR gap assessment (Map & Assess) followed by a remediation plan (Secure & Awareness) to help prioritise GDPR impact initiatives aligned with business benefits. Here, we briefly discuss the major phases of a GDPR gap assessment and remediation process: -


  • Conducting a company-wide inventory and mapping of personal data
  • Understanding dataflow end to end
  • Identifying primary & secondary data stores and applications that process privacy-relevant data


  • How best to evaluate risks, strengths, and opportunities and establish governance for data usage and access
  • Methods to assess customers current security, analytics, and storage solutions and identifying where the gaps are


  • Outline how to protect personal data with security measures capable of preventing, detecting, and responding to vulnerabilities and data breaches


  • Considerations when creating a security and privacy-aware culture by providing education and awareness required to ensure desired outcomes are consistent

Comprehension review


To help customers mitigate risk and also embrace the opportunities that come with GDPR compliance, we will outline key relevant Cisco security products, solutions and services, including: -


  • Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM)


  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Stealthwatch
  • Web Security (WSA)
  • Email Security (ESA)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration options


  • Umbrella
  • CloudLock
  • Web Security
  • Email Security


  • AnyConnect VPN
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration options
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints


  • Cisco Data Protection Program overview
  • Cyber security Management Program Assessment
  • Intelligence-led security assessment
  • Incident Response Services

Comprehension review and Call To Action

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