IOE Relevance and Opportunities Workshop (IOEROW)

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Course Overview

Every company in every industry will be dramatically affected by digitalisation and it will be the responsibility of the top teams to lead the change by building the right capabilities for their companies to remain relevant, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats.

Cisco’s IoT system and further the IoE paradigm can be a valuable building block for such companies, enabling key business capabilities while at the same time mitigating the risks of digitalisation. Students must take away a sound understanding of the industry’s challenges, the market, the potential stakeholders outside and inside IT - and primarily how to drive the conversation with them.

In this training, delivered in partnership with Triangility, we generically enable sales representatives to explore their accounts strategically and become business relevant. We offer a structured, straight-forward approach on how to analyze and discover a customer from the top - the strategic layer - over operations down to the required infrastructure.

In the training, the business model of a client will be determined (where in their business we can have the most material impact), the pain associated with their business and the remedies IoE can bring to bear. We will discover new buyers that we have had no previous contact with. This program is unique in two specific areas: depth and perception.

We create an environment in the classroom that supports a deep, full understanding and analysis of an end-customer (89% of the time spent in this workshop, sales representatives identify new, unknown opportunities). Instead of an bottom-up account planning, we identify strategy, provide a full understanding of the business model, missing business capabilities, critical people - and we create context by mapping this with the partners portfolio and capabilities.

A major outcome of this workshop - next to enabling sales representatives - is delivering new, large IoT & IoE opportunities that are tightly linked to the customer’s strategy.

Who should attend

Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Key Account Managers, Sales Leaders, Business Development Managers etc.

Course Objectives

  • Make participants familiar with the material impact of IoT & IoE
  • Understand the process, tools and methodologies to discover a customer
  • Enable participants to uncover IoE opportunities that are linked to a corporate strategy
  • Uncover IoE opportunities and identify relevant stakeholders
  • Build strong messaging for IoE to address stakeholders appropriately
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 1 day

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