IoT Account Team – Utilities Workshop (IOTU-WS)

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  • Participants should have a high-level understanding of Cisco Internet of Things Portfolio for Utilities.
  • Completion of the ICS Fundamentals for Network Engineers (ICINS) E-Learning is recommended.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Fast Lane’s IoT Account Team – Utilities Workshop, participants will have a baseline understanding of the Utilities market with respects to IT/OT convergence. IoT Account Team roles will be defined and explored in the context of account planning for utilities market customers. Also included:

  • Review current utility industry insights and existing landscape
  • Understand the Utility Industry’s major business, functional and regulatory requirements
  • Practice customer conversations on designing IoT Solutions for Utility customers

Course Content

Utilities today are not only focused on just ‘keeping the lights on’—their operating mandate has expanded to broadly encompass the reliable and economical delivery of high quality, sustainable energy while maintaining ongoing augmentation endeavors within four key areas: Energy delivery, customer engagement, asset life-cycle management & optimization. The above vision has resulted in expanding the Smart Grid initiative in Utilities to include the adoption of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) Convergence (IT/OT Convergence), and a need for applicable architectures and solutions.

Fast Lane’s IoT Account Team – Utilities Workshop is a 1 day, whole team jumpstart into account team planning targeting IoT & industrial networking opportunities in the Energy & Utilities industry sector. This dedicated onsite program allows Partner IoT teams to get a lay of the Utilities landscape, and a deeper understanding of the care-abouts of the key stakeholders in the market. This workshop includes team building exercises that help establish the roles, responsibilities and processes that support a business outcome-based IoT Sales Model.

Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 5 days

Online Training
Modality: L

Duration 5 days


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.  Enquire a date


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