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LDAP & Active Directory – Structure and Operation (LDAP)


Who should attend

  • Network Administrators and Planners, who require a introduction in concepts, structures and operations of LDAP in the active directory area.
  • System Administrators who want to know the typical client and server actions in the active directory, according to the access protocol LDAP and other network services.


Knowledge of the course Networking & TCP/IP Fundamentals (NWF)
Basics in administrating a windows system

Course Objectives

This course includes a basic introduction in the structures and function of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in Microsoft Active Directory environments.
The course deals with topics including different points of view of the system and Network Administration and shows the typical client and server operations in systems and on the network. For analysing the LDAP, the Wireshark analyzer will be used.

Course Content

English course documents

  • Directory Service in Networks
    • Overview and application area
    • Structures and standards in the directory system
    • Acces to directory systems
    • Casted directories
  • LDAP
    • What is LDAP?
    • The LDAP Architecture
    • The LDAP protocol
    • Typical LDAP implementations
    • Analysis of LDAP- operations in practice
    • Lab: LDAP integration and LDAP interrogation
  • LDAP Security
    • Server security
    • Authentification
    • Encryption and Secure LDAP
  • Active Directory – Concepts and Structures
    • Construction and structure of the MS active directory
    • Accounts and object administration
    • System containers and system objects
    • Global catalog
    • FSMO roles – operation master
    • Replication
  • LDAP and MS Active Directory
    • LDAP exercises in the active directory
    • LDAP in client and user actions
    • LDAP in administrator and server operations
    • LDAP meets DHCP, DNS, DCE-RPC and SMB in the active directory area
    • Analysing the boot and login procedure of an active directory client
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Eastern Europe: 1,390.- €

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