Implementing Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches (RSCAT6K)


Lab Topology

Course Description

Lab Exercises

  • Lab 1-1: Password Recovery (only for SUP720)
  • Lab 1-2: Password Recovery (only for SUP2T)
  • Lab 2-1: Deploy and Examine the VSS 1440/4T Operation (with Sup720-10GE or Sup2T)
  • Lab 3-1: Configure NetFlow (only with Sup2T)
  • Lab 3-2: Configure NetFlow (only with Sup720-10GE)
  • Lab 3-3: Configure EEM, GOLD and Smart Call Home (with Sup720-10GE or 2T)
  • Lab 3-4: Configure Control Plane Policing (only with Sup2T)
  • Lab 3-5: Configure Control Plane Policing (only with Sup720-10GE)
  • Lab 3-6: Configure Access Control Lists (only with Sup2T)
  • Lab 3-6: Configure PACLs & VACLs (Sup720-10GE or 2T)
  • Lab 4-1: Deploying and Examining IOS Software Modularity (Demonstration Lab)