Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDEPLOY)


Lab Topology

Course Description

Lab Exercises

  • Guided Lab 1: Separate Traffic Using VLANs and AP Groups
  • Guided Lab 2: Implement Wireless LAN Controller Failover in Cisco AireOS
  • Guided Lab 3: Perform a Branch Office Deployment with FlexConnect APs
  • Guided Lab 4: Implement New Mobility
  • Guided Lab 5: Configure Converged Access Mobility Parameters
  • Guided Lab 6: Configure a WLAN to Support AVC
  • Guided Lab 7: Configure a WLAN to Support QoS
  • Guided Lab 8: Enable Multicast Tuning (Video Connect)
  • Guided Lab 9: Configure mDNS
  • Guided Lab 10: Configure High-Density Environments
  • Guided Lab 11: Configure Indoor Mesh
  • Guided Lab 12: Configure Workgroup Bridging

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