Lock in your IoT Skills.

Accelerate your career in one of the fastest-growing cloud technology fields: IoT. This program will teach you the device programming, data analytics, machine learning, and solution design skills you need for a successful career in IoT.

Technologies you will use to gain your IoT skills

  • Azure IoT Services
  • Visual Studio
  • IoT Device Programming
  • C
  • C#
  • Node.js
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Azure IoT Device Provisioning Services
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Data Visualization
  • Time Series Insights
  • Power BI
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • IoT Solution Architecture

IoT Track Details

All courses are available online and on demand on any device – so whether you plan to spend a couple of hours per day or a couple of hours per week, you can work on these skills at the pace that is right for you.

Course 1: Getting Started with IoT

This course provides an introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and covers the concepts, terms, and patterns of an IoT solution. After the course, students will be able to identify IoT business opportunities.

Course 2: Introduction to Device Programming for IoT: C Edition

This course introduces students to programming resource-constrained devices that connect to various kinds of sensors. After the course, students will be able to develop embedded device systems that process data from analog and digital sensors.

Course 3: IoT Device Configuration and Communication: C Edition

This course guides students through a series of lab activities to gain hands-on experience configuring IoT devices for secure cloud communication. Students will learn to develop real-world IoT device applications.

Course 4: IoT Data Analytics and Storage

This course takes students through a series of real-world data analytics and storage scenarios. After the course, students will be able to configure the latest tools and implement data analytics and storage requirements for their IoT solutions.

Course 5: Business Intelligence for IoT Solutions

In this course, students gain hands-on experience querying and visualizing data. Students will learn about data visualization tools, how to build visualizations with Time Series Insights, and how to create secure Power BI Service Dashboards for businesses.

Course 6: Predictive Analytics for IoT Solutions

This course guides students through machine learning implementations common in IoT scenarios like predictive maintenance. After the course, students will be able to implement predictive analytics using their IoT data.

Course 7: IoT Architecture Design and Business Planning

This course provides students with an immersive exploration of cloud solution architecture for IoT solutions. Students will learn to develop business planning documents and the solution architecture for their IoT implementations.

Microsoft Professional Capstone: IoT Solution Architect Coming soon

The capstone project is used to evaluate a student’s new ability to design and implement a full IoT solution. Following the capstone, students should feel confident doing further study or starting an IoT architect career.

Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Internet of Things (IoT)

Booking Options: We offer two options to reach your Certificate in IoT!

Self-paced E-Learning with optional Learning as a Service (LaaS) offerings

Complete Package Price
629.- €
including 7 Certificates of Completion

Customized Onsite Classroom Training
with a small E-learning part

Complete Package Price
On request

Do you have any questions about the Microsoft Professional Program for IoT?

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