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CCIE Collaboration and Collaboration Systems Release 10.0 Offerings

NEW 2014 Fast Lane CEE Collaboration Offerings

The Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Collaboration has recently been updated with the new ! course, that teaches students how to use an expert-level, problem-solving process, including options analysis, to support complex Cisco Collaboration technologies and topologies.


Fast Lane is offering different levels of add-on packages to the ! course. These customized packages allow students to receive personalized mentoring services from our CCIE Collaboration certified instructors:

  • Cisco CCIE Collaboration Preparation Mentoring (CCIE-C-MENT) - contact us for more info
  • !
  • !
  • !
  • !

Please find more detailed description in the pdf brochure or contact us by phone +386 1 320 7880 or