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Setting Up NetScaler Insight Center


Insight Center is quickly becoming one of the most "asked about" features within NetScaler. This course will teach you how to stand up and configure NetScaler Insight Center within an environment containing one or more NetScaler appliances. This course provides users with hands-on practice related to setting up NetScaler Insight Center to monitor virtual application, virtual desktop and web application traffic which traverses a NetScaler appliance. This course includes thirty days of access to a fully provisioned lab environment.

Use of NetScaler Insight Center provides enhanced visibility into web and mobile workspace environments; reducing time spent on troubleshooting performance issues.

This course is based on Citrix NetScaler Insight Center 10.5, which is a component of Citrix NetScaler 10.5.


Who should attend

This course is recommended for multiple audiences, including those who are:

  • New to the NetScaler product
  • Experienced with the NetScaler product
  • Interested in learning how to implement NetScaler Insight Center


Individuals, who wish to take this course, should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • Networking concepts such as IP addresses, network latency, WAN latency, bandwidth, round trip time, NTP, TCP and UDP ports, policies and expressions, and network appliances
  • Citrix virtualization technologies, such as XenDesktop and XenApp
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Citrix XenServer or VMware ESX hypervisor

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Differentiate between Web Insight and HDX Insight
  • Select which NetScaler deployment and method to use with NetScaler Insight Center
  • Download the NetScaler Insight Center appliance
  • Import the NetScaler Insight Center appliance into a hypervisor
  • Assign an IP address to NetScaler Insight Center
  • Configure NetScaler Insight Center using the graphical user interface
  • Integrate NetScaler Insight Center with Citrix Director
  • Troubleshoot NetScaler Insight Center configuration issues

Product Description

  • Course Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Lesson 1: Deployment Methods
  • Lesson 2: Importing the Insight Center Appliance
  • Lesson 3: Configuring Insight Center
  • Lesson 4: Integrating with Citrix Director
  • Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Insight Center Configuration Issues


Course Overview

  • Course Objectives
  • Terminology Used in this Course

Product Overview

  • NetScaler Insight Center
  • Insight Center Appliance Requirements
  • Insight Center Port Requirements
  • Features and Benefits
  • Insight Center Compatibility
  • Web Insight
  • Web Insight Use Cases
  • AppFlow Expressions for Web Insight
  • HDX Insight
  • HDX Insight Use Cases
  • Licensing

Lesson 1: Deployment Methods

  • Single Hop Versus Transparent Mode
  • Insight Center Deployment

Lesson 2: Importing the Insight Center Appliance

  • Process Overview
  • Supported Hypervisors
  • Downloading Insight Center
  • Importing Insight Center Appliance
  • Assigning an Address to Insight Center
  • LAB: Importing the NetScaler Insight Center Appliance
  • LAB: Assigning an IP Address to NetScaler Insight Center

Lesson 3: Configuring Insight Center

  • Configuring Insight Center
  • Geo Data Collection
  • Enabling Geo Data Collection
  • Enabling AppFlow
  • Setting the Time Zone and NTP Server
  • Viewing the Dashboard
  • Viewing the Web Insight Nodes
  • Viewing the HDX Insight Nodes
  • LAB: Configuring NetScaler Insight Center
  • LAB: Enabling AppFlow for Virtual Servers
  • LAB: Enabling Geo Data Collection
  • LAB: Uploading the Geo Database
  • LAB: Verifying the Configuration

Lesson 4: Integrating with Citrix Director

  • Benefits of Integration
  • Integrating Insight Center with Director
  • Verifying Integration with Director
  • LAB: Configuring Citrix Director for Insight Center

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Insight Center Configuration Issues

  • Troubleshooting
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