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Citrix Workspace Cloud Foundations


This course will introduce you to Citrix Workspace Cloud. Citrix Workspace Cloud is a set of cloud services that can be used together or individually to quickly provide secure access to mobile workspaces including apps, files and collaboration.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the different packages and the use case(s) for each, as well as the components of a Citrix Workspace Cloud solution and their functions. This course provides the information necessary to understand which option is right for you and what the next steps are to make integrating Citrix Workspace Cloud with your environment a reality.


Who should attend

This course is recommended for anyone evaluating Citrix Workspace Cloud and looking to understand the basic functionality, options and applicable use cases.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Citrix Workspace Cloud service offerings and explain key benefits
  • Understand difference between cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployment models
  • Provide a high-level overview of the Citrix Workspace Cloud architecture
  • Identify the key architectural differences between Citrix Workspace Cloud and a traditional XenDesktop deployment
  • Recognize benefit from using Citrix Lifecycle Management to deploy and maintain a Citrix environment
  • Navigate the Citrix Workspace Cloud website and setup a basic deployment
  • Describe the initial steps required to deploy apps and desktops with Citrix Workspace Cloud
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