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Moving to XenApp 7.6


This 3-hour online course acts as a guide for those moving from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6. Students will explore the FMA-based architecture of a XenApp 7.6 implementation, identify the capabilities of XenApp 7.6 and the benefits of migrating, and discover migration strategies in order to reduce the time taken to successfully move to XenApp 7.6.


This course is delivered as an interactive self-paced e-Learning course containing Knowledge Checks and lab simulations.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for anyone with knowledge of XenApp 6.5 and is interested in migrating/upgrading to XenApp 7.6.


Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that students have:

  • An understanding of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts
  • An understanding of XenApp 6.5
  • Experience with Windows Server 2012 R2, specifically:
    • Active Directory
      • Domains
      • Groups and User Accounts
      • Organizational Units
      • Group Policy Objects
  • Experience with Windows 7 and Windows 8.x user interfaces
  • Basic storage knowledge (manage existing storage types, add new storage)
  • Completed the following courses or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge:
    • CXA-105 Getting Started with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6
    • CXA-206 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to:

  • Recognize the difference in architecture and terminology.
  • Select the appropriate upgrade/migration plan.
  • Determine whether to implement a newer operating system.
  • Determine whether to move to StoreFront.
  • Determine if the XenApp 6.5 environment is ready to be upgraded/migrated.
  • Determine if the XenApp 7.6 environment is ready for migration.
  • Identify the migration tools.
  • Export XenApp 6.5 settings.
  • Customize the export and import.
  • Import XenApp 6.5 settings to the XenApp 7.6 database.
  • Upgrade XenApp 6.5 workers to XenApp 7.6.
  • Verify the imported settings.
  • Upgrade Receiver.
  • Test the upgrade/migration.
  • Move to XenDesktop 7.6.


XenApp 7.6 Overview

  • Why Upgrade/Migrate to XenApp 7.6?
  • What’s New?
    • Delivery Controllers
    • No IMA Data Store
    • Citrix Studio
    • Citrix Director
    • Delegated Administration
    • Shadowing with Microsoft Remote Assistance
    • PowerShell SDK
  • Terminology
  • Knowledge Check

Upgrade/Migration Planning

  • How Do I Plan for the Upgrade/Migration?
  • Which Method is Recommended?
  • Which Rollout Method is Recommended?
  • Knowledge Check
  • Should I Update the Operating System
  • Do I Need to Move to StoreFront?
  • Knowledge Check

Upgrade/Migration Preparation

  • Is My XenApp 6.5 Environment Ready?
    • Database Preparation
    • Folder Names
    • Applications
    • Policies
    • Knowledge Check
    • Simulation: Validating the Readiness of the XenApp 6.5 Environment
  • Is My XenApp 7.6 Environment Ready?
    • License Server
    • Delivery Controllers
    • StoreFront Servers
    • Policies
    • Connections
    • Knowledge Check
    • Simulation: Validating the Readiness of the XenApp 7.6 Environment

Migration Tools

  • What Are the Migration/Upgrade Tools?
  • Where Can I Get the Migration Tools?
  • Do I Need PowerShell Knowledge?
  • Where Should I Place the Scripts?
  • Knowledge Check
  • Downloading the Tools
  • What Is the Minimum Execution Policy Level?
  • What Do the Scripts Produce?
  • Finding the Output
  • Are There Security Considerations?
  • What Gets Logged?
  • What Happens When an Error Is Encountered?
  • Can I Customize Logging?
  • How Do I Use the Logs?
  • Knowledge Check
  • Simulation: Viewing a Log File


  • How Does Export Work?
  • What Permissions Do I Need?
  • What Export Scripts Are Available?
  • What Settings Are Exported?
  • Knowledge Check
  • Simulation: Exporting XenApp 6.5 Policy Settings
  • Simulation: Exporting XenApp 6.5 Farm Settings
  • Can I Customize the Export?
    • Partial Application Export
    • Ignore Certain Objects
    • Delivery Groups
    • Custom Scripts
    • Knowledge Check
  • What Is the Export Process?
  • Simulation: Customizing the Export


  • How Does Import Work?
  • How Do I Upgrade/Migrate a XenApp 6.5 Worker?
  • Simulation: Upgrading a XenApp 6.5 Worker
  • What Permissions Do I Need to Import Settings?
  • What Import Scripts Are Available?
  • What Settings Are Not Imported?
    • Policy Settings
    • Farm Settings
  • How Do I Preview the Import?
  • Simulation: Previewing the Import
  • Simulation: Importing XenApp 6.5 Policy Settings
  • Simulation: Importing XenApp 6.5 Farm Settings
  • Can I Customize the Import?
  • Knowledge Check
  • What Is the Import Process?
  • Simulation: Customizing the Import

Post Migration

  • What Is the Post-Upgrade/Migration Process?
  • How Do I Verify the Policies?
    • Policy Setting Verification
    • Policy Filter Verification
  • Knowledge Check
  • Simulation: Verifying Policy Settings and Filters
  • How Do I Verify the Applications?
  • How Do I Make the Applications Available?
  • Knowledge Check
  • Simulation: Verifying Application Settings
  • How Do I Upgrade Receiver?
  • Knowledge Check
  • How Do I Test Access?
  • What Do I Need to Do to Move to XenDesktop 7.6?
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