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Cloudera Search Training


Who should attend

  • Developers
  • Data Engineers


  • Should be comfortable with the Linux command line
  • Basic familiarity with Hadoop and experience programming in a general-purpose language such as Java, C, C++, Pearl or Python

Course Objectives

This course includes video lectures, assessments, and hands-on exercise access. You will navigate the Hadoop ecosystem, learning topics such as:

  • Performing batch indexing of data stored in HDFS and HBase
  • Indexing streaming data in near-real-time with Flume
  • How to index content in multiple languages and file formats
  • Processing and transforming incoming data with Morphlines
  • Creating a user interface for an index using Hue
  • Integrating Cloudera Search with external applications
  • Improving the experience using faceting, highlighting, and spelling correction

Product Description

Cloudera University’s Search training course provides you with the information to index data in Hadoop for more powerful real-time queries. You will learn to get more value from your data by integrating Cloudera Search with external applications.

Subscription Details

This OnDemand offering provides you with a 180-day subscription that begins on the date of purchase. While the subscription is active, you will have unlimited access to the course training materials which includes recorded course lectures and demonstrations, assessment components, and hands-on exercise instructions. You will also receive 15 runtime hours of access to the online hands-on exercise environment accessible though web browser. You can start the exercise environment when you are ready to use it. You can stop or pause it when you are done for the time being, then return anytime to continue where you left off. The exercise environment remains accessible until you have used the runtime hours or the subscription period ends, whichever occurs first

Price (excl. tax)
  • US$ 1,815.-

Subscription duration: 180 days


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