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Cisco Process Orchestrator 3: Process Design and Configuration (CPO)

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Detailed Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:
Module 1: Cisco Process Orchestrator Overview
Module 2: Configuring Processes in Cisco Process Orchestrator
Module 3: Using Child and Cloned Processes and Configuring Activities
Module 4: Tables and Table Processing in Cisco Process Orchestrator
Module 5: Server and Client Shell Scripts
Module 6: Web Services, and XML and XSLT
Module 7: Integration with Cisco Prime Service Catalog
Module 8: Extending Workflows in Cisco IAC 4.0 Using Extension Points

The lab outline is as follows:
Lab 1: A. Instructor-Led Demo of Cisco Process Orchestrator
Lab 2: A. Creating New Processes, Adding Categories, and Testing Process Execution
Lab 3: A. Adding and Testing Workflows, Variables, and Logic Operators to a Process
B. Creating Reusable Processes Using a Child Process
C. Creating Processes with a Conditional Workflow Using Logic Operators
Lab 4: A. Defining and Creating Table Variables
B. Using Table Variables in Foreach Loops
Lab 5: A. Parsing Responses to Terminal Commands Using Regular Expressions
Lab 6: A. Extracting Information from XML Messages Using XPath Activities
B. Configuring Requisition APIs (RAPIs) Request to Initiate Services in Cisco Prime Service Catalog
C. Using Cisco Process Orchestrator to Create Service Items in Cisco Prime Service Catalog
Lab 7: A. Creating Processes to be Invoked from Cisco Prime Service Catalog Service Requests
B. Invoking Processes from the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Trace Their Execution Lab 8: A. Instructor-Led Demonstration of Using Extension Points in Cisco IAC


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