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Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10: Advanced Reporting (CPSCAR)

Course Description Kurs tarihleri Course Outline

Detailed Course Outline

The course outline is as follows:
Module 1: Lab Access
Module 2: Reporting Overview
Module 3: Datamart: Metrics, Measures, and Attributes
Module 4: Standard Reports
Module 5: Ad Hoc Reporting and IBM Cognos Query Studio
Module 6: Advanced Reporting and IBM Cognos Report Studio
Module 7: Reporting Administration

The lab outline is as follows:
Lab 1: Lab Access
Lab 2: Standard Reports Data Package
Lab 3: Standard Reports Inventory
Lab 4: Running Reports
Lab 5: Ad Hoc Reporting: List Reports
Lab 6: Ad Hoc Reporting: Cross-Tab Reports
Lab 7: Ad Hoc Reporting: Charts
Lab 8: Ad Hoc Reporting: Advanced IBM Cognos Query Studio Features
Lab 9: Advanced Reporting: Report IBM Cognos Query Studio Basics
Lab 10: Advanced Reporting: Repeater Reports
Lab 11: Advanced Reporting: Master Detail Reports
Lab 12: Advanced Reporting: Filters, Prompts, and Parameters
Lab 13: Advanced Reporting: Modifying Standard Reports
Lab 14-1: Report Administration: Scheduling Reports
Lab 14-2: Report Administration: Report Permissions
Lab 14-3: Report Administration: Managing Reportable Dictionaries and Services


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