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Configuring Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (DCCIAC)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Design and Configure Services in Cisco Service Portal
  • Describing Cisco Service Portal Architecture, Features and Core Modules
  • Describing the Configuration Checklist, Organization Designer, Service Item Manager, and Service Portal
  • Configuring the Portal Designer, Service Designer, and Service Forms
  • Configuring Delivery Plans and Approvals, Namespace Variables, and Email Templates
  • Describing Unit Testing
Module 2: Create and Manage Orchestrator Processes
  • Describing Cisco Process Orchestrator
  • Configuring and Testing Orchestrator Processes
  • Describing Adapters, Activities, and Automation Packs
  • Describing Orchestrator and Service Portal Integration
Module 3: Design and Configure Service Link Integrations
  • Describing Service Link
  • Configuring Service Link Integration
  • Describing Service Link Messages and Transactions
  • Configuring XML Messages and Transformations
  • Configuring Agent Parameters and nsXML
  • Configuring HTTP/Web Services Integration
Module 4: Configure Cisco Server Provisioner
  • Configuring Cisco Server Provisioner with Cisco IAC
  • Bare-Metal Provisioning Components
  • Cisco Server Provisioner Setup
  • MAC-Specific and MAC-Independent Bare-Metal Provisioning
  • Cisco Service Portal and Bare Metal Provisioning
Lab Outline

Lab 1-1: Requesting and Approving the Cloud Service
Lab 1-2: Configuring the Service Foundation
Lab 1-3: Configuring Service Items and Standards
Lab 1-4: Configuring Portlets and Portal Pages
Lab 1-5: Configuring the Service Definition
Lab 1-6: Configuring the Service Form
Lab 1-7: Configure the Delivery Plan and Approval
Lab 1-8: Configuring an Email Template
Lab 1-9: Unit Testing the Service
Lab 2-1: Configuring Processes
Lab 2-2: Configuring Activities and Automation Packs
Lab 2-3: Configuring XML and Web Services
Lab 3-1: Configuring and Testing a Service with Service Link Integration
Lab 3-2: Configuring XSL Transformations
Lab 3-3: Configuring Service Link Integration with Agent Parameters
Lab 3-4: Updating the Service Request
Lab 3-5: Configuring Service Link Integration with Cisco Process Orchestrator
Lab 4-1: Configuring Cisco Server Provisioner Roles


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