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Cisco PowerVu Administration and Troubleshooting Training (PVUADM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: PowerVu and MPEG Refresher
  • PowerVu Refresher
    • Devices Used in the PowerVu System
  • MPEG Refresher
    • Dividing Data Using MPEG
    • An Introduction to MPEG Tables
    • Preparing for Transport
Module 2: Server Administration
  • PNC Restart and Failover
    • Stopping and Restarting Just the PNC Software
    • Shutting Down and Restarting the System
    • Primary PNC Failover to Standby PNC
  • Backing Up the Server Files
    • PNC System Server Backups  Using the PNC Informix Restore and Schedule Procedure
  • Exploring Data Replication
    • Logging On and Off the PowerVu Data Replication Client
    • Managing Data Replication
Module 3: Troubleshooting Principles and Tools
  • Principles of Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Tools
    • Transaction and Diagnostic Logs
    • Device Alarm Window
    • UNIX Fundamentals for PowerVu
    • Third-Party Analyzers
Module 4: System Signal Deep Dive
  • System Configuration
    • Connections and IP Addresses
    • System Signal Flow
  • PowerVu Encoders
    • Managing PowerVu Encoders
  • PowerVu Multiplexers
    • Multiplexers and MetroMux
    • Managing PowerVu Multiplexers
  • PCAM
    • Managing and Troubleshooting the PCAM
  • PowerVu Modulators
    • Managing and Troubleshooting the PowerVu Modulator
    • Newtec ASI/IF Switch
  • PowerVu Decoders
    • Managing PowerVu Decoders
Module 5: Live Event Controller (LEC)
  • Exploring Live Event Controller (LEC)
  • LEC Servers and Client
  • Managing the LEC Schedule
  • LEC Server Administration
    • Updating LEC Parameters from the PNC
    • Neverfail for LEC Servers
    • Backing Up and Restoring LEC Servers
    • Exporting and Importing a Schedule
    • LEC Logs
  • LEC Troubleshooting
    • Verifying the LEC Servers Are Working
    • Recovering Single and Double LEC Servers
    • Responding to Log Table and Comm Errors
Module 6: Advanced Features
  • Configuring a DPI Source
    • Defining a DPI Source and Triggers for Cisco D9040 and D9050 Encoders
  • Examining Simulcrypt
    • Encryption Basics
    • What Is Simulcrypt?
  • Exploring Statistical Multiplexing
    • Statistical Multiplexing Basics
    • Statmux Redundancy Topologies

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