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Davra Networks Sales Enablement for Account Managers (DNSEAM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Core Foundations of IoT by Davra Networks

  • IoT opportunity overview
    • Value of Enterprise IoT
    • Relationships with new and future customers
  • IoT from Davra Networks’ perspective
    • Data’s journey through the IoT stack
    • Davra’s role
    • Major market opportunities at each level of the IoT stack
  • Market opportunities with Davra Networks
    • Smart connect fleet
    • Connected mass transit
    • Retail
    • Typical deal sizes

Module 2: Unlocking Business Outcomes with Davra Networks

  • Joint offerings and value proposition
    • Davra Networks’ partnerships
    • IoT solution lifecycle
  • Go-to-market strategy and focus
    • Engagement model
    • Partner enablement framework
    • Sales organization

Module 3: Vertical Selling Discovery Process

  • Selling strategies for transportation
    • Elements of the transportation operator’s environment
    • Different industry standards and operational considerations
    • Understanding the key performance indicators for a typical fleet operator setting
    • Buyer intelligence
      • Personas
      • Buying process stage map
    • Vertical segment discovery process for transportation

Module 4: IoT Sales Methodology

  • “Buyer need” in key messaging
  • The decision making process
    • Key requirements
    • Buyer stakeholders
    • Timeframe for a purchasing decision
  • IoT sales methodology – align the customer problem solving lifecycle to the IoT sales process lifecycle
    • Stage 1: Building the Need / Prospecting
    • Stage 2: Discovery / Qualification
    • Stage 3: Consideration / Demo
    • Stage 4: Decision and Purchase / Proposal
    • Stage 5: Review / Reassure
  • Resources for sales
    • Deal approval process
    • Forecasting
    • Booking and compensation model
    • Ordering guides information
    • Field enablement
    • PoC, demo facilities and kit
    • Ecosystem Partner portal
    • Explore existing reference accounts

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